Handmade Earrings Ireland.
Handmade Earrings Ireland.
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About Bog Cotton Gifts

Bog Cotton Gifts is a small creative business based on Valentia Island, Co Kerry Ireland, owned and run by yours truly Derarca Lynch! 

Born out of a love of design, colour, texture, nature, experimenting with different mediums and all things crafty and creative

The wild flower range of glass worktop savers, placemats and coasters display images all captured on Valentia Island during the spring and summer months

I especially enjoy creating unique and exquisite handmade earrings that are a true reflection of my passion for art and craftsmanship

With meticulous attention to detail, I design and make each pair of earrings in small batches in my cozy studio. Utilizing a multimedia approach, I combine various materials to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces. From lightweight aluminium to colourful beads, semi-precious stones, and even abstract alcohol ink paintings, my earrings embody a fusion of art and wearable fashion

One of my distinctive techniques involves cutting earrings from abstract alcohol ink paintings. The paintings serve as an artistic canvas, and after cutting the desired shapes, I coat them with resin to add structure and durability. This process not only transforms the paintings into stunning wearable art but also ensures that each pair of earrings holds a unique story within its design

In addition to my artistic approach, I prioritize the comfort and wearability of my earrings. Crafted with care, each pair is exceptionally lightweight, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your style throughout the day

Whether you are a lover of statement earrings that demand attention or prefer the eclectic charm of mismatched earrings, bogcottongifts.ie offers a diverse range of handmade earrings to suit your individual taste and style. Celebrating the rich heritage of Irish craftsmanship, my earrings are proudly made in Ireland, showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of our culture and inspired by the vibrant colours that naturally abound in nature in my home Valentia Island

Thank you for visiting and supporting my small business. I genuinely hope that my handmade earrings bring joy, confidence, and a touch of Irish charm and colour to your personal collection

The hand painted glass boards are done using alcohol ink on the back of the glass and then sealed to protect the ink

Hope you enjoy my creations